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Blog Tour: Head Games (Pretty Tough #3) by Keri Mikulski

Book:  Head Games (Pretty Tough #3)
Author:  Keri Mikulski
Release date:  January 6, 2011
Publisher:  Razorbill
Pages:  284
Source:  Publisher/Teen Book Scene

Taylor is calm, cool, collected, and ferocious on the basketball court. A total all-star. Not so much in real life. She may be tall, gorgeous, and an incredible catch, but just try telling her that!

And lately, Taylor doesn’t know which way to turn: The summer showcase game is almost here. Her BFF Hannah roped her into a fashion show (eek!). And she can’t decide between Zach – the super-popular, super-tall, super-off-limits basketball dynamo and Matt – the sweet boy from her math class (who may just be dating her BFF’s older sister). It’s enough to make any girl’s head spin!

Can Taylor strike a pose, land the boy of her dreams, and win the game?

Head Games has brought life back to the Pretty Tough series.  Keri Mikulski has taken over writing the series and she has done a fabulous job with this one.

Taylor Thomas is known as many things: giraffe, horse, daddy long legs, but never hot.  Being 6-feet-tall isn’t exactly a good thing for a girl.  Luckily Taylor is extremely talented at basketball and it may even help her land the perfect guy for her, Zachary Murphy.  Too bad Taylor’s interactions with Zach are bringing drama to the team.  And if Zach is so perfect why can’t Taylor stop thinking about her english partner, Matt Moore?

Head Games was a great book.  It had a great story, fun characters, and wonderful writing.  Taylor was a typical teenager with insecurities and worries but she also had amazing talent with basketball and that helped her focus.  She cracked me up with her antics.  She and Hannah, her best friend, were complete opposites but perfect together.  The basketball team was good too but there isn’t a ton of background on them.  The two boys were great too but I definitely loved Matt the most.

The story in Head Games was super fast paced.  I had no trouble getting into it and I flew through it.  The short chapters also helped speed it along.

Overall, Head Games is a great addition to the Pretty Tough series and Keri Mikulski has a great young adult debut with it.  =]

First line:  Nothing “Monday morning story worthy” ever happens to me.

Rating:  A

Cover:  A++

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