Friday, September 9, 2011

Misfit by Jon Skovron

Title:  Misfit
Author:  Jon Skovron
Release date:  August 1, 2011
Publisher:  Amulet Books
Pages:  384
Source:  Publisher

Jael has always felt like a freak. She’s never kissed a boy, she never knew her mom, and her dad’s always been superstrict—but that’s probably because her mom was a demon, which makes Jael half demon and most definitely not a normal sophomore girl. On her sixteenth birthday, a mysterious present unlocks her family’s dangerous history and Jael’s untapped potential. What was merely an embarrassing secret before becomes a terrifying reality. Jael must learn to master her demon side in order to take on a vindictive Duke of Hell while also dealing with a twisted priest, best-friend drama, and a spacey blond skater boy who may have hidden depths.

Misfit was not at all what I expected and that may be what made me enjoy it so much. It was a very unique story and I feel like it will appeal to all readers:  boys, girls, young, and old.

Jael is half-demon and half-human.  It is something she has always known so she is okay with it.  The powers that she acquires on her sixteenth birthday are what change things for her, in a good and bad way. I liked Jael from the very start of the book but I really liked her after she got her powers.  She became a more fun, confident character.  She didn’t worry what other people thought of her.  She just made sure that she didn’t let her demon side take over her mortality.  It never went to her head and she stayed very down to earth.  She also had Rob to help her with that.  He was a very sweet, funny, quirky guy that I thought was perfect for Jael.  He really helped lighten the mood of the book.  (My favorite scene was when Rob first meets Jael’s uncle!)

The plot itself was fabulous.  It picked up at the very beginning and didn’t slow down until the end.  There were demons popping up all over the place and I never knew when one would pop out or if it would be good or bad (because there are good demons in this book).  The other thing that really made the book interesting were the visions that Jael had of the past.  She got to see her parents story firsthand and it is not at all what you would expect.

Overall, Misfit is a wonderful book that will definitely stand out in today’s market and I couldn’t give it a higher recommendation.  I really hope that there will be a sequel!

First line:  Jael Thompson looks at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and frowns.

Rating:  A++

Cover:  A++

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  1. Christina Kit.

    I love it when books can also appeal to boys! There are so many out there for us girls, and I know it’s mostly girls who buy books, but when there’s a book that has a girl main character AND some romance but the plot and world is unique enough to appeal to a boy, that’s magic!!

    Lovely review 🙂

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