Books By Their Covers (5)

Posted February 22, 2012 by Kaitlynn in books by their covers / 6 Comments

Books By Their Covers is a new feature here on Katie’s Book Blog. It is created by me and it is a chance for me to share my love of book covers. In this feature, I will pick one book cover and give you guys my opinion of it. =)

My opinion: This cover has so many things going for it.  It shows a glimpse of what the story is about, it can appeal to both guys and girls, and it is very eye-catching. It is a dark cover but in this case that is a good thing.  The font could be a little bolder to help it stand out but it really doesn’t detract from the awesomeness of the cover.

Rating: A+

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6 responses to “Books By Their Covers (5)

  1. I agree the font could be bolder, but at the same time I feel it could match up with the feel of the story. The Girl on the cover looks very worn, tired, like she can’t hold on much longer. If the font were bolder, it might ( maybe just to me ) feel like She was just suddenly going to be like. BAM I will survive! where as with the font more faded and small as it is, it really makes you wonder.. ( maybe this is all just me. I look into things weird sometimes >.< ) GREAT post! Looking forward to more!

  2. Being “old” I remember how certain vinyl albums would attract me with their artwork. I miss that. I like this cover overall and agree about the font being darker but I believe it works well.

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