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Collision by Stefne Miller

book cover of Collision by Stefne Miller

Title: Collision
Author: Stefne Miller
Release date: March 7, 2012
Pages: 333
Source: Author

Cab Stone has it all—fame, fortune and the adoration of millions of women across the globe. When the constant attention from fans and expectations from his handlers becomes too much, he escapes the craziness of press junkets and movie sets and escapes to Asheville, North Carolina to hide away for the summer.

He expects peace, quiet, and solitude. What he doesn’t expect is to meet a fiery redhead who changes everything he knows about the world.

The daughter of missionaries, Kei Sallee lives a life of service to others. She has little, expects less, and helps heal the hearts of thousands in Uganda, where she grew up. When she finds herself staying in the same guesthouse as Cab Stone, she vows to ignore his Greek god good looks and spend the summer as she had planned—in peace, quiet, and solitude.

Cab and Kei’s lives couldn’t be more different…or more the same.

Despite, or perhaps because of, their vastly different yet startlingly similar backgrounds, Cab and Kei strike up an unlikely friendship that could possibly blossom into something more. But Kei fears that the truth about her past will prevent pretty-boy Cab, who is used to getting everything he wants, from fully committing to her.

When two completely different worlds experience a Collision, can they exist as one?

I have read and loved Stefne Miller’s previous books, Salvaged and Rise, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is her best yet.   Collision made me laugh, cry, scream, and rejoice.  It has earned the honor of being on my favorites shelf and I know I will reread this one many times in the future.

Cabot is an easy guy to like.  He’s a famous actor so he’s rich and all the girls love him.  He knows this and he knows that he is totally arrogant.  Still, he is sweet, kind, funny, and all around wonderful.  Kei is the complete opposite.  She thinks very little of herself.  She is humble, kind, loving, funny, and a little bit damaged.  She is very good (being a missionary and putting everyone else first) but she is easy to relate to and she doesn’t treat anyone like they are beneath her.  Being a missionary is her way of life but she’s not preachy.  It’s just all she knows. Put these two together and they are hilarious.  They are so totally different.  However, they bring out the best in each other.  Readers won’t be able to help falling in love with them.

Technically, Collision is probably considered a new adult novel because Cabot is 23-years-old and Kei is 20-years-old.  However the book reads like a young adult novel with it’s fast pace, simple yet eloquent writing, and easy to relate to characters.  I would definitely say this one is appropriate for young adult readers.

Kei is a missionary in Uganda and she does spread the word about what is going on in Africa.  Honestly, I learned more about what’s going on in Africa from this book than I have in school or on the news.  Everything mentioned in the book is true and the author incorporates her own experience as a missionary in Africa.  She doesn’t sugarcoat things and at times they are brutal but there is always a glimmer of hope and the book is never depressing.  Rather, it’s uplifting and hopeful and I think it will make people think twice about things in Africa and also about missionaries.

The plot is not really fast-paced at first but it does not take time to get drawn into the story.  Kei and Cabot’s stories are both so unique and interesting.  There is a bit of a mystery surrounding Kei that draws readers in.  Also, readers will love them both so much that you won’t want to stop reading until you find out if they get their happily ever after.

Overall, Collision is a must-read for contemporary fans (really for anyone.)  Stefne Miller is such a talented author.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store next!

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  1. Bruno Medeiros

    Amazing cover. But I don’t like so much about “he have everything, fame, beauty, and that kind of good things”. It makes me feel ugly, dirty and poor, haha! But you know, books that help us be a better person are always good!


    The cover immediately made me think of Ryan Gosling in “Drive”… so I set it aside. Your review made it seem a lot more substantial; Kei’s character sounds fascinating – thanks for the review!

  3. Christina Kit.

    It’s awesome this book was fun and touching and all around great because it could’ve been full of stereotypes.

    I liked that she wasn’t preachy and that there’s lots to learn in it too.

    The romance sounds awesome!

    Thanks for spotlighting this author 🙂

    Lovely review 🙂

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