Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blogger Interview: Jasmine from A Room With Books!

Today I have an interview with Jasmine from A Room With Books.  Jasmine is one of my blogging little sisters (however, we are not related.)

What are you like outside of blogging?

I’m pretty boring, to be quite honest 😛

I like to cook, spend time with Husband and my adorable Pugsy, and play video games. I watch Netflix pretty often while simultaneously reading and/or surfing the internet.

Personality-wise, if I don’t know you, then I’m pretty shy but when it comes to Husband, I’m basically a crazy weirdo 😛

What book changed your life?

I’m going to say the Little Red Riding Hood I read as my first book in the accelerated reading program for school. It made me feel grown up to go to the library and pick out a book all on my own and then read it.
I know that’s not your typical answer, but I haven’t had any other life-changing reads yet.

What made you decide to start your blog?

The short of it is that I felt I wasn’t getting the same enjoyment out of reading that I once was, almost like it was missing something. Then I randomly discovered blogging was a thing and after hemming-and-hawing Husband convinced me to start one and then my reading didn’t feel like it was missing anything anymore :]

What blogs/bloggers inspire you?

The first blog I ever discovered was Y.A. Reads. I have no idea how I even discovered them, but I remember thinking how incredibly cool it was that this was a blog all about the type of books that I read. So they’re the big inspiration for the start of my blog.

Some other big inspirations in the beginning were Katie (Katie’s Book Blog), Ginger (Greads), Jen (Makeshift Bookmark), Tara (Hobbitsies), and Lisa (Lisa is Busy Nerding).

What are your goals for your blog in the future?

I don’t mean to sound conceited or like I’m in it for the wrong thing, but I want my little blog to get bigger. Sure, the ARCs would be nice perks, but I honestly just want to reach a bigger audience, you know? I want to be able to help people with their bookish needs and make friends while doing it :]

What is your best book blogging moment?

There are so so many little ones, but for now I’m going to say when Elizabeth Miles tweeted that she really liked a particular line from my review of Fury. I was squealing all over the place after that 😛


-Book of all time: Hrm. I think I’ll go with The Hunger Games.

-New release: How about out of the last 5 new releases I read? Yes, I like that much better. 1) Illuminate by Aimee Agresti, 2) Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe, 3) Partials by Dan Wells, 4) Fever by Lauren Oliver, and 5) The Humming Room by Ellen Potter. To be honest, I loved them all, but I think Illuminate was my favorite.

-Genre: I think YA goes without saying, but my subgenre of choice is dystopian, hands down.

-Place to Read: Either curled up on the couch with a blanket and my doggy or outside laying in the grass on a warm, sunny day.

-TV show: Ooh, toughie. I think I’m going to be a big fat cheater and list a bunch. Once Upon a Time; 18 to Life; Fullmetal Alchemist; Whitney; New Girl; Chuck; and Psych.

-Candy: Sour Patch Kids and Lindor Truffles

-Drink: Any variation on lemonade be it pink, raspberry, strawberry, with tea – you name it.

You guys can find Jasmine over at A Room With Books or on Twitter!

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  1. Kami

    I feel the same way for a lot of those questions! I love Psych!! Your favorite reading place is the same as mine. I will include the dog part when I get one.

  2. Christina Kit.

    I too loved the Hunger Games!!

    And it’s not conceited at all to want to touch more and more people with her blog. It’s totally understandable 🙂

    Lovely interview 🙂

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