Original Sin (Personal Demons #2) by Lisa Desrochers | Review

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Original Sin (Personal Demons #2) by Lisa Desrochers | ReviewOriginal Sin by Lisa Desrochers
Series: Personal Demons #2
Published by Tor Teen on July 5, 2011
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 398
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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Luc Cain was born and raised in Hell, but he isn’t feeling as demonic as usual lately—thanks to Frannie Cavanaugh and the unique power she never realized she had. But you can’t desert Hell without consequences, and suddenly Frannie and Luc find themselves targeted by the same demons who used to be Luc’s allies.

Left with few options, Frannie and Luc accept the protection of Heaven and one of its most powerful angels, Gabe. Unfortunately, Luc isn’t the only one affected by Frannie, and it isn’t long before Gabe realizes that being around her is too…tempting. Rather than risk losing his wings, he leaves Frannie and Luc under the protection of her recently-acquired guardian angel.

Which would be fine, but Gabe is barely out the door before an assortment of demons appears—and they’re not leaving without dragging Luc back to Hell with them. Hell won’t give up and Heaven won’t give in. Frannie’s guardian exercises all the power he has to keep them away, but the demons are willing to hurt anyone close to Frannie in order to get what they want. It will take everything she has and then some to stay out of Hell’s grasp.

And not everyone will get out of it alive.


SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read the first book in this series, this review will contain spoilers.

Lisa Desrocher’s debut novel, Personal Demons, was a favorite of mine. The sequel, Original Sin, was just as fabulous.  Full of angels, demons, romance, and betrayal, this trilogy has a little something for everyone.

Frannie is one hell of a main character.  She is fierce, feisty, and totally kick-ass.  She knows what she wants and she goes after it.  She’s also not easily scared by a few demons.  In fact, at one point she takes down a demon with her bare hands.  This girl needs to teach me (and some other YA girls) some moves!

Luc, Gabe, Matt, and Lili are really the only other characters that seem to matter although there are some secondary characters that play pretty big roles.  Luc is no longer a demon but he’s still a little twisted (wouldn’t have him any other way.)  He’s a little tormented by his past but he’s still kind and totally in love with Frannie.  She brings out the best in him.  Gabe is absent for a good part of the book but when he is present he’s the same as ever.  He’s sweet, helpful, and caring but I have to say, Frannie’s draw to him didn’t make sense.  I just never saw them that way.  He was too much like a father figure, always trying to take care of her.  As for Matt, in the beginning I liked him but that quickly changed.  He had an attitude issue.  And Lili was never trustworthy.  It’s pretty easy to see from the beginning that something is up with her.  As for the rest of the characters they just didn’t really make an impression on me.  They could have used a bit more development.

The plot was a little slow in the beginning.  Things were almost too perfect with Luc and Frannie.  It was pretty clear it wouldn’t last.  And I have to say the whole thing with Lili was a bit too predictable.  There were just too many things in Original Sin that were glaringly obvious and I would’ve liked a bit more mystery.  However I never once stopped enjoying the story and it was dang near impossible to stop reading.

Overall, Original Sin is a good follow-up to Personal Demons.  It’s a fast read that will leave readers dying for the third and final book.

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  1. I just came across the series for the first time on Goodreads a few weeks ago and I was debating on giving it a chance or not. I think I’m going to request it from my library now because I seem to really agree with your thoughts on books and I’m obsessed with angels these days. I also love the fact that a character has the same name as me and spells it the same!

  2. Natasha

    I haven’t started this series yet, but I hope to sometime soon. It sounds really good. Great review!

  3. Christina Kit.

    It seems like the love triangle worked well and the world is one you enjoyed 🙂

    One boy sounds like a wonderful nice guy as opposed to the usual bad boys 🙂

    Lovely review 🙂

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