Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blogger Interview: Somer from A Bird’s Eye Review!

Today I have the lovely Somer from A Bird’s Eye Review!  Doesn’t she have the cutest blog design?

What are you like outside of blogging?

Well, I am about to turn 30 (that’s still “young adult” right? lol). This will be my 7th year teaching. I have taught reading, 1st grade, and now this is my 4th year as a Kindergarten Teacher! I love my job, but I sometimes describe it as herding kittens on catnip! Seriously though, it is so much fun to teach kids how to read, as well as how to love reading (oh and we also do math too…lol).

I live and teach in the same small town I grew up in. The loves of my life are three very handsome boys. They also happen to have a combined total of 12 legs and three tails…Wally (Basset Hound), Teddy (???), and Sprocket (Bichon Frise).

I love to spend time with my friends and family, watch The Big Bang Theory (I have a slight crush on Sheldon), play on the internet, and of course read! While I am doing all of these things you will find some sort of caffeinated beverage within reach!

What made you decide to start your blog?

I just needed to talk books with people who actually “got” it. My friends and family are great, but none are really passionate about reading. One day I was looking for an idea of what to read next and stumbled upon this whole book blogging world!

What is your best book blogging moment?

I have to say when Jonathan Maberry commented on my review of Rot & Ruin. That was just awesome!

To help some of the newer bloggers: what have you found to be the best way to network and get your blog out there?

I’m definitely not an expert on this, but I do love Twitter! Also, I think it is important to just make friends. I feel like one of the best ways to network is to consistently read other blogs you like, and leave meaningful comments. I know I tend to be shy and often don’t want to “bother” anyone, but commenting is an easy way to develop a good rapport with other bloggers.

What book turned you on to YA?

I’ve always loved to read, but like many people I had a friend call me and say “OMG you have to go buy this book called Twilight!” Considering this friend didn’t like to read even the back of the cereal box I thought I’d give it a try, and I loved it! Most recently, however, right before I started my blog (in Jan. 2011) I picked up Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver and realized that YA was more than just sparkling vampires and I was hooked! (Disclaimer: I do still love me some sparkling vampires.)

How many books do you own?

Around 250 (not including the thousands of picture books I own)

What are some blogs you recommend reading?

Words Like Silver – Grace is just an amazing person and can write one heck of a review!

Book Rat-I love how Misty just tells it like it is!

Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing-Ashley is on a bit of a blogging break but she recommends the best books!

Lisa is Busy Nerding!-Lisa is such a fun (or as she would say “rad”) person!

Penmanship Smitten-This is a blog I just recently discovered, and Aimee seems awesome!

Of course all of you Totally Booksessed girls are awesome!

I have also become slightly obsessed with watching various other book tubers on YouTube!


-Book of all time: This is hard…I think I have to say Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
New release: Saving June (This came out in 2011, but I just read it and LOVED it)
-Genre: At the moment…dystopian
-Place to Read: Outside if possible, but if not in bed
-TV show: The Big Bang Theory
-Candy: Twizzlers
-Song: Better Together by Jack Johnson

Thanks so much for having me Katie! This was so much fun!

You guys can find Somer over at A Bird’s Eye Review!

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  1. Katharyn Vela

    Thats so fun to have a book blogger who is a kindergarten teacher! I joined the book community too because I wanted to share my love of books with other people. I will def check out her blog!

  2. Anonymous

    Entertaining interview. I agree with Somer. Dystopian is a pretty good read. And the book parts gave me ideas…and I will deffinetly check out those blogs.

  3. Bengal Reads

    You do have the cutest blog design Somer!I love it 😀 I also love your interview, I am into Dystopian right now too! Can’t wait to read Darkest Minds and Breathe 😀 I think it is awesome that you are a kindergarten teacher…. I tried to assist the teachers in Kindergarten and I totally couldn’t handle it lol. Thanks for sharing those blogs I have went and checked them out! Twilight is one of the first YA books I ever read too 😀 Thanks for sharing Katie and Somer!

  4. Christina Kit.

    That was an awesome blogging moment, to have such a huge author comment on your review 🙂

    She sounds hilarious!

    Thank you for the interview 🙂

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