2013 Reading Challenges!

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I didn’t participate in a single reading challenge in 2012.  I knew I was going to be plenty busy and I just didn’t want to commit to any of them.   However, 2013 is a whole different story.  I’ve signed up for almost all the challenges I could find and I can’t wait to start them!

The debut author challenge for 2013 is hosted by Tara over at Hobbitsies!

My goal is to read 25+ debut novels in 2013.  I really do think I’ll read way more than that but I’m just going to set my goal there for starters.

The Sophomore Reading Challenge is hosted by Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit!

My goal is to read 20+ books for this challenge in 2013.  I tend to slack off when it comes to sophomore novels but I’m going to try my best to read more this year.

Let Me Count the Ways Reading Challenge is hosted by Avanti at Avanti’s Place!

My goal is to read 10,001+ pages in 2013.  I’m not sure I’ll reach this goal but I’m going to try my hardest!

The Dystopian Reading Challenge is hosted by Ula at Blog of Erised!

My goal for this one is to reach the Revolutionist level and read between 13 and 18 books.

The TBR Pile Challenge is hosted by Evie over at Bookish!

My goal for this one is to reach the A Sweet Kiss level and read between 21 and 30 books.

The End of Series challenge is hosted Nicole at The Reader’s Antidote.

My goal for this one is to read 7 books that are the final books in series that I read.

And last but not least, I will be hosting and participating in the 2013 YA Contemporary Challenge.  I don’t really have a goal for this one other than to read as many as I can. 

Edit: I decided to add another challenge to my list for 2013.  I’m tasking myself to read more ebooks this year so this challenge is perfect.  This challenge is hosted by Workaday Reads!

My goal is to reach the Hard Drive level and read 75 ebooks!

What challenges are you participating in?

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11 responses to “2013 Reading Challenges!

  1. I’m pulling a page out of your book for 2013 and taking a break from challenges – however I look forward to seeing how you progress through you 2013 challenges! They look awesome!

  2. Ooh, I like so many of these challenges! I especially like the sound of Let Me Count the Ways Reading Challenge, that one definitely sounds unique. I’m also participating in the Sophomore Reading Challenge, since I want to continue to support the 2012 debut authors. =)

    Good luck Katie! <3

  3. We’re participating in some of the same challenges and now thanks to you I just added another one. The Dystopia challenge…I don’t need sleep, right?

  4. Christina Kit.

    The sophomore reading challenge is interesting because everyone keeps complaining about second books. I haven’t had that problem though. If I like the world and the characters, I don’t mind if the plot isn’t twisty. Hallowed was an awesome sophomore book.

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