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Blog Tour: Top Ten List with Susanne Winnacker + Giveaway!

I am super excited to be hosting Susanne Winnacker as part of the Impostor blog tour, hosted by Mod Podge Marketing!  

Can Tessa pose as Madison . . . and stop a killer before it’s too late?

Tessa is a Variant, able to absorb the DNA of anyone she touches and mimic their appearance. Shunned by her family, she’s spent the last two years training with the Forces with Extraordinary Abilities, a secret branch of the FBI. When a serial killer rocks a small town in Oregon, Tessa is given a mission: she must impersonate Madison, a local teen, to find the killer before he strikes again.

Tessa hates everything about being an impostor—the stress, the danger, the deceit—but loves playing the role of a normal girl. As Madison, she finds friends, romance, and the kind of loving family she’d do anything to keep. Amid action, suspense, and a ticking clock, this super-human comes to a very human conclusion: even a girl who can look like anyone struggles the most with being herself.

Since the book is about a girl who can impersonate other people, I asked Susanne who the top ten people are that she would like to impersonate!

I had to think very hard about this one, but I finally figured out my top ten people to impersonate. This is in no particular order.

1. a child

Maybe a five-year old. For just a day I’d like to experience the joys of being a young child again. Of course I know that with Tessa’s talent only my body would be that of a child, but I wonder if that would be enough to give the world some of its magic back, its wonder.

2. a teen

It would be great research to be back in a teen’s body and spend time among other teens. And it would be wonderful to experience that exciting period of a person’s life again – even if just for a few days.

3. a man

It doesn’t really matter who he is. I just want to see if people react differently toward a man. Maybe I’d make some kind of experiment out of it. Do something in the body of a man and then the same thing in my body, and see if people would react differently. And of course it would be fun to experience life in the body of the opposite sex!

4. a dictator

NOT because I want to be a dictator for a few days, but I’d like to change things. In some countries people don’t know what freedom is or that they aren’t really free. Maybe I’d use my days in the body of a dictator to tell people about the possibilities and choices they have. I probably won’t stay in power for long with that attitude though. The other members of the dictatorial government will probably remove me quickly from my post, but maybe I’d manage to plant an idea of freedom in the heads of the people.

5. Justin Bieber

Yep. And not because I’m a fan. I don’t know a single of his songs, though I’m sure I’ve heard them in the radio without realizing it. But I know he’s super popular among teenage girls and I think it would be interesting to be in the body of a teenage idol for a few days. It would certainly be fun to make girls scream my name simply by smiling at them.

6. Angela Merkel

I live in Germany, so I’d be interested to get a glimpse into the life of our Bundeskanzlerin. What’s really going on behind closed doors? I’m not sure I’ll be happy about what I’ll find out, but it’s going to be a fascinating experience, no doubt.

7. The pope

I’d really like to know what’s going on in the Vatican!

8. Barack Obama

Or whoever’s president at the time. I wouldn’t want to be him for more than a day though. Too much responsibility. But it would certainly be amazing to stroll the corridors in the White House in his stead for a day.

9. Adele

I’d love to have her voice for a day. Of course I’m not a trained singer, so I’m not sure if I could sing like her even if I was in her body, but I’d love to be her for a concert. I love her music.

10. An actress from one of my favorite TV series

Maybe Kaley Cuoco a.k.a. Penny from the Big Bang Theory, or Jennifer Carpenter a.k.a. Debra from Dexter. That way, at least, I’d know what’s going to happen next. I hate waiting for the next season. Though I have to admit that it might get confusing if I pretend to be Kaley Cuoco pretending to be Penny. Hm. I might mess that one up…

About the author:

Susanne Winnacker studied law before she became a full-time writer. She lives with her husband, a dog that looks like a sheep and three bunnies that have destroyed every piece of furniture she’s ever owned in Germany. She loves coffee (in every shape and form), traveling and animals. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her in the kitchen, experimenting with new vegan dishes.

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  1. Kim (YA Asylum)

    Impersonating Adele would be pretty awesome. Hm … I would impersonate Emma Stone. She leads a pretty interesting life and has been in two movies with Ryan Golsing — lucky girl 🙂

  2. Bee

    I love the sound of this story! If I had to impersonate someone I would be Jesus, Marilyn Monroe, The Pope, A Butterfly or Bird of some kind, or a baby. All lives I would find very intriguing. Haha 🙂


  3. Christina Kit.

    I’d love to be an actress in my fav TV show! It would be so much fun, I don’t think I’d leave 🙂

    This book sounds very original and fast-paced 🙂

    Great post!!

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