2014 Book Blogger Summer Reading Program!


You know when you were growing up and you always had summer reading to look forward to?  I’ve missed that lately so I decided to start a summer reading program specifically for book bloggers!

What is it?

The book blogger summer reading program is a way to challenge yourself to make a dent in your TBR pile over the summer.

When is it?

I know that summer starts in May for some people and June for others so I figured I’d go ahead and the make the program from the beginning of May to the beginning of September.  That should give everybody a good amount of time to get some reading done.

How do you participate?

Sign up using the linky below (link to your blog or Goodreads) and check back monthly for mini-challenges, giveaways, and more.

What do you get out of this program?

Not only do you challenge yourself to spend some time reading over the summer months but there are going to be prizes involved.  I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I was always into the summer reading program for the prizes that you get for reaching your goal.  There will be one grand prize giveaway, 10 end of challenge giveaways, and monthly giveaways from May to September.

How do you get entered in the grand prize giveaway and end of challenge giveaways?

You must complete your summer reading goal.  You don’t have to set a high goal (5 books is fine if that’s all you think you will have time to read).  At the end of the challenge, if you’ve completed your goal, you can enter the grand prize giveaway and the end of challenge giveaways.


  • Your goal can be as low as 5 books (at least 5 though) and as high as 50+.  Just make it realistic for you!
  • You can read whatever you want. Doesn’t matter when it’s published, what genre, etc. Just read what you enjoy!
  • Create a post or shelf on Goodreads to track your progress. Link to that post or shelf in the linky.

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  1. Seriously, thank you so much for this! This is like a gift from God. I was literally thinking about how I needed to go on a book buying ban to save for college since I’m transferring to a community college to an actual university. I just wondering how I would be able to do a book buying ban a few minutes before finding this blog post. NOW I HAVE THE PERFECT REASON TO STICK TO MY BAN! 😀

    So, again, thank you so much. I am super excited!

    Amber @ bookish wonders

  2. Yay! Thanks for such a fun summer idea! How exactly will you know if we have finished our summer reading goal or not? I linked to a shelf on my goodreads, but I don’t know how to declare that information. Again thanks! 🙂

    1. I’ll be taking everyone’s word at the end. If you say you completed your goal, I will believe that you completed your goal. It’ll be an entry on the Rafflecopter forms for all end of program giveaways.

  3. This sounds awesome!!

    I think I’ll sign up too, using Goodreads. Do we need to write reviews as well, or just rate on Goodreads?

  4. I’m in. This is a wonderful idea! Do picture books count? I’m an elementary librarian and I will be reviewing several picture books over the summer for consideration for our collection. I’ll also be reading several chapter books as well as adult books. Thanks again for a wonderful program.

  5. Great idea – I am definitely participating. My summer holiday officially started today, so I can start to count books towards this already now 🙂

  6. Hey I noticed that the Linky is closed. I’d really love to take part in the challenge, is there any way for me to add my link or has the deadline passed? Thank you!