Sleep No More by Aprilynne Pike | Review

Sleep No More by Aprilynne Pike | ReviewSleep No More by Aprilynne Pike
Published by Harper Teen on April 29, 2014
Pages: 352
Format: ARC
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Lisa McMann's Wake trilogy meets the blockbuster Inception in this dark page-turner from #1 New York Times bestselling author Aprilynne Pike.

Oracles see the future but are never supposed to interfere. Charlotte learned that the hard way. If she hadn't tried to change one of her childhood visions, her father would still be alive. Since the accident, Charlotte has suppressed her visions to avoid making the same mistake. But when she receives a premonition of a classmate's murder, she can no longer ignore her powerful gift.

Then Charlotte meets someone who not only knows her secret but who also has a way for her to stop the killer. He offers to teach her how to manipulate her visions to change the future. But doing so will put Charlotte in the path of the murderer.…

picadillyblueSleep No More is only the second book by Aprilynne Pike that I’ve read but it’s definitely the most disappointing.  There were very few things I could find to like about Sleep No More and I only finished the book because I wanted to know who was murdering people and why.  There were so many times I just wanted to DNF it and I’m kind of disappointed that I wasted so much time on this one.

The blurb is what really grabbed my attention with Sleep No More.  One part Wake trilogy and one part Inception?  You’ve definitely got my attention there.  However, while there were a few similarities to that series and that movie, I couldn’t really see Sleep No More as a blend of the two.

So I already mentioned that the mystery was really the only thing that kept me reading until the end.  I’m not saying I was completely clueless about who the killer was but I was at least a little confused as to the motive behind the killings.  That really was the only good thing about Sleep No More.  Aprilynne Pike managed to tie everything together in a way that I didn’t originally suspect at all.

The relationships in Sleep No More were some of the worst I’ve ever read.  Charlotte and her family have so many secrets they keep from each other when really if they were just honest, none of the murders and stuff would have even happened.  I guess there would be no book though if they were honest.  As for the romance, it was horrible.  Charlotte and Linden had absolutely no chemistry.  I’m a total sucker for romance and I’m one of those people that likes at least a little romance in every book but Sleep No More might have been better without any romance at all.

Overall, Sleep No More was just a giant disappointment.  I would highly recommend passing on this one.

What others are saying about Sleep No More:

Snuggly Oranges’ review: “The suspense and creepiness was good… until that last fateful quarter.”

There Were Books Involved’s review: “I wouldn’t go into this book expecting the mind-bending, multi-layered awesomeness of the dream-worlds of Inception.”

Fiction Fare’s review: “I though Pike did a great job of tying the story together and linking the stories of these characters together.”

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  1. oh no.. this is the second review i’ve read of this book and i trust your opinion so for you to not like it.. i’m a bit disappointed 🙁 you’re not the only one who said they knew who the killer was but just didn’t understand the motive.. i don’t know if i’ll pick it up now…

    great review,
    – Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf