Book Blogger Summer Reading Program: Giveaways!

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Can you believe it’s September already? Time to go back to school and lose all that reading time you had over the summer. I hope you found plenty of time to read and I hope all of you completed your summer reading challenge goal.

My goal was 50 books and I reached 50 with no time to spare. I blame some of the giant books I read over the summer. I re-read the whole Harry Potter series which took a little time and then I started reading the Outlander series which is pretty daunting. I’m just super happy I made it to my goal.




Giveaway #1:

This giveaway is US only since it’s going to cost a bit more to ship. The winner will receive a box of mystery ARCs from my shelves. These ARCs are going to be either very recent releases or books that have not come out yet. You must have completed your goal for the challenge to enter this giveaway.

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Falling Into Place




Giveaway #2:

To get into the spirit of back to school, I’m giving away an ARC of Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang. It’s about a popular high school girl who decides to kill herself one day and the impact that that decision has on other people in her life. It’s coming out this month from Greenwillow Books.

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Black Ice



Giveaway #3:

Since Fall and Winter are just around the corner, I’m giving away an ARC of Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick. It’s a contemporary thriller set in the mountains of the Teton Range during a blizzard! It’s coming out next month from Simon and Schuster. Also, I will be attending Becca’s Colorado tour stop so if the winner would like me to get it signed for them, I can do that.

Open International.

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Giveaway #4:

I’ve got lots of books on my shelves that I could give away but sometimes I like to hang onto those. For this giveaway, the winner will receive a book of choice from The Book Depository (under $20.)

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Giveaway #5:

I know a ton of bloggers who already have so many books to read they can’t even think about adding more to the TBR. For those kinds of bloggers, I’ve got an awesome swag giveaway. You will get a box of mystery swag that could be bookmarks, bracelets, buttons, posters, etc.

Open International.

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Remember, to enter these giveaways, you must have signed up and participated in the book blogger summer reading program. I will be checking all winners so don’t bother entering these if you did not sign up!

56 responses to “Book Blogger Summer Reading Program: Giveaways!

  1. K S (Kathie) Banks

    I exceeded my summer reading challenge! I was able to read 137 books since mid-May. Of course, my job as my mom’s caregiver gives me more time to read than I used to have. But, I still stay up all night reading most of the time!! Thanks for the giveaway chance!!

    • Kaitlynn

      Holy crap that is amazing. Congrats to you. I don’t think I could have read that many books even if I had that much time to read. You are awesome!

  2. Melinda Dartmann

    I did not meet my goal! And sad to say I didn’t even take vacation! My company had too many things going on this summer to take a second of time for myself. Ugh…glad it’s over!

  3. kara

    I didn’t meet my goal. . . but to my defense I did have summer HW. I’m also not a blogger, but I do support commend you all!

  4. Emma

    I was thankfully able to finish my goal, and actually read 32 out of 30! Thank you so much for this, it really pushed me to read more than I probably would have. I still have three weeks of summer, since I go back to college then, so I will definitely utilize that time to read even more!

    This was such a fun challenge! Thanks again! 🙂

    • Kaitlynn

      That is awesome! I’m jealous you still have some summer break left. Hopefully you can get even more reading done!

  5. traci16

    I hit my goal also…mine wasn’t as high as yours though(had to set it at 20 ) congrats…that’s an awesome achievement!!!

  6. So thank you so much for doing this summer reading challenge! It was so fun and such a great way for me to stay on my reading goals! Originally, I didn’t know how crazy this summer was going to be, so I opted for a 15 book goal. I ended up with 22!!! I was so excited, and I read some great gems this summer! So thanks for putting up this challenge and hosting all the fun book giveaways! Do this next summer, because I will totally get on board with it!!

  7. Sarah

    So… I did not complete or come near my summer reading goal at all. Finishing my credential program over the summer wiped reading from my pleasure list. I just wanted to sit around and veg out! lol Awful, I know, and I love reading. However, I did read Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, and Pegasus Flame of Olympus. That list is dreadfully sad since I have countless books on my reading list. Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break are coming, I hope to tackle more books.

  8. My goal was 20 books and I read 33! This is the first challenge where I’ve done well, even if I had to go back and add them to the correct challenge shelf :p

  9. Aww what a sweet giveaway Katie! I did complete my goal for the summer, and read more than 30 books 🙂 I read 12 in August, which was awesome since I started working and thought I’d read way less. Thanks so much for the giveaway, and cheers to an awesome summer of great books (it’s not over, because I refuse to believe it’ll,that’ll work right?) ;P

  10. Shelly W

    I met and exceeded my goal. Thank you for doing this challenge, it pushed me to read much more than I would have. Knocked a lot of books of my TBR list.

  11. Felicia

    I was unable to finish my reading goal this summer due to school. I go year round and it got the best of me so not a lot of reading got done. I’m hoping to make that up once I finish school in 3 weeks (when I start my externship). I’ll just be working after that!

  12. I don’t remember if my goal was 50 or 75 or some other number, but I read 85 books according to my Summer Reading Program shelf on goodreads and 92 books total between May 1 and August 31 with re-reads! I’m going to say I met my goal!

  13. Jessica D

    I didn’t set an exact goal, but I definitely wish that I read more, especially now with school starting again. I miss all of the free time I had that I could have used reading!

  14. Michelle Lee

    I wasn’t able to complete my summer goals. I actually lost track of how many books I’ve read haha I was practically busy with work and studying so I was lagging in that department.

  15. I completed my challenge. I am glad that I did. I challenged myself to read 30 books this summer and I completed with 38 read. I would have read more, but I had a very busy summer.
    Thank you so much for having this challenge, it was a lot of fun! And also thanks for the giveaway!
    I hope to do it again next year! 😀

  16. Wendy

    I didn’t set a numerical goal, but I definitely read more this summer than any other summer, which makes me happy and accomplished nonetheless 🙂 Next year I’ll set a real goal and hope to meet it!

  17. Mary DeBorde

    Ooops Sorry, please ignore my entries! I did have my own summer goal but didn’t know about signing up 🙁 maybe next year lol

  18. Emily

    I didn’t set a numerical goal, but I did get to catch up on all the new releases and books that I didn’t have time to read during the school year.

  19. I completely failed my summer reading goal. I had intended on reading the 55 books on my TBR shelf at home…I read roughly 15 books, but of them, 5 of them I bought over the summer or received for something. I did read a couple of ebooks too, but they were not a part of my goal.

  20. Giaochau N.

    I never set a specific summer reading goal because I already read too much. I did manage to many new releases and reread a ton of books.

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