Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR

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I am the worst when it comes to adding books to my TBR.  It doesn’t help that the ALA MW conference took place a few weeks ago.  I went through everybody’s book hauls and added so many new titles to my TBR.  Oops.  Here are 10 recent adds.  Hopefully you find something new to add to your TBR.

1. The Odds of Lightning by Jocelyn Davies


I adore the cover of this one and it sounds like my kind of book.  Four former friends embark on an all night adventure the night before the SATs during a crazy thunderstorm and there is romance and friendship.  I don’t know the exact release date but it’ll be out sometime this year from Simon Pulse.

2. This Is Our Story by Ashley Elston


Once again, this was a cover add but it also has an amazing synopsis.  Five boys go hunting and only four return.  The fifth was shot and killed on the trip and none of the boys will admit what happened.  Kate, the main character, takes it upon herself to find out the truth and uncover the mystery of who killed Grant and why.  This one will be out in November from Disney Hyperion.

3. Wild Swans by Jessica Spotswood

Wild Swans

I adored Jessica Spotswood’s debut and while this is a completely different type of story, it sounds really great.  It’s contemporary with a runaway mom coming back into her daughters life and bringing two more daughters with her.  This one will be released in May from Sourcebooks Fire.

4. Going Geek by Charlotte Huang

Going Geek

There isn’t much of a synopsis for this one but I love the cover.  A girl is kicked out of her friend group and she begins to hang out with the “fringe crowd” at school.  Going Geek will be out in September from Random House.

5. Save Me, Kurt Cobain by Jenny Manzer

Save Me Kurt Cobain

This one is a debut and the synopsis is a bit confusing but it intrigued me.  I won’t even try to explain it.  Just check it out on Goodreads.  This one will be released in March from Random House.

6. Future Shock by Elizabeth Briggs

Future Shock

Time travel.  What more do I have to say?  This one will be released in April from Albert Whitman & Company.

7. Girl Last Seen by Heather Anastasiu/Anne Greenwood Brown

Girl Last Seen

A famous girl goes missing and her former best friend is the prime suspect?  I’m all over that.  Girl Last Seen will be released in March from Albert Whitman & Company.

8. Hurricane Kiss by Deborah Blumenthal

Hurricane Kiss

Everything about this book (except maybe the cover) appeals to me.  A hurricane is coming and two neighboring families evacuate together.  One of those people just happens to be the former quarterback who went to juvie and came back a changed person.  I’m assuming there is going to be romance with this bad boy neighbor.  Hurricane Kiss will be released in May from Albert Whitman & Company.

9. On The Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis

On The Edge of Gone

I’m not a huge science fiction fan but this one sounds interesting, especially since the main character is autistic.  This one will be out in March from Amulet Books.

10. Some of the Parts by Hannah Barnaby

Some of the Parts

I admit that I just added this one because I was adding almost all of Random House’s upcoming releases to my TBR but after reading the synopsis, I really do think I’ll like it.  A girl’s brother dies and months later she finds out he was an organ donor and wants to track down the people his organs went to.  It will be out in February from Random House.

I know I totally have a problem when it comes to adding books to my TBR but don’t they all look amazing?  Are any of these on your TBR?

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23 responses to “Top Ten Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR

  1. I think that I will be checking out at least one of the books on this list. I am the same way, I have a reading list that is huge and it just keeps growing.

  2. I’m interested in This is Our Story as well. It sounds creepy and really good. I’m adding it to my TBR pile. I’ve seen reviews for Some of Our Parts elsewhere and it sounds like an interesting twist on dealing with grief.

  3. This week’s topic is going to kill my TBR pile. This is Our Story sounds really interesting and I too love that cover. Hurricane Kiss also sounds pretty good, but like you I am not a fan of that cover.

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