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I’ve been subscribed to Nerdy Post for quite some time now.  I was on the lookout for a bookish/fandom subscription box that didn’t necessarily include a book.  Nerdy Post popped up on my radar and after looking at unboxings for the first few months, I took the plunge.  The Outlander box was the first one I subscribed to and I have never once regretted my subscription.  Each month just keeps getting better.  The July theme was Alice in Wonderland and while I’m not that knowledgeable about the books or movies, I decided to get the box anyway.  I’m very glad I did.

The company: Nerdy Post 

About: Nerdy Post is a subscription box featuring hand lettered and illustrated fandom artwork.  Each month is a new theme. You can get the traditional Nerdy Post box featuring just the bookish decor items, the Nerdy Tees box featuring just the T-shirt design associated with the month’s theme, or the Nerdy Combo box featuring both the decor items and the t-shirt.

Complete box contents (minus the 2 sided bookmark that I’ll show later):

Included in the July box was:

  • a two sided bookmark with one design from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and one from Nerdy Post
  • a magnetic bookmark from Beedooto
  • a mirror with a design from Nerdy Post
  • a poster designed by TJ Lubrano
  • a poster designed by Nerdy Post
  • a postcard designed by Nerdy Post
  • a notepad designed by Nerdy Post
  • a coloring postcard designed by Nerdy Post
  • a sticker designed by Nerdy Post


The inclusion of other artists is one of the things I love about Nerdy Post.  The items from Nerdy Post are always wonderful but the different artists each month bring something new to the box.  This month I’m torn between favorite items.  I adore the bookmark with the design from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe but the unicorn postcard print is absolutely adorable.

The quality of the items is definitely worth the price.  This past month, two posters were included so the poster print was a thinner paper.  In the past, when it’s just been one poster, it’s been printed on a thicker paper that definitely holds up a little better.  However, I always plan to frame the posters included in the box so the quality of the paper doesn’t make a huge difference to me.  If you had plans to display the posters without some kind of frame, the paper might be a little too fragile.

The postcards, bookmarks, sticker, and notepad are all very high quality.  I display my postcards in my cubicle at work and they have held up great without any frame or protection.  The stickers are thick and matte print.  I’ve yet to find the perfect place to put all of mine but a couple are currently taking up space on my laptop.  As for the bookmarks, I’m almost afraid to use these because they are so gorgeous!  They are printed on very good quality, thick paper.  I admit, I have actually used a couple of mine (rather than finding a random receipt to hold my place) and they barely even show that I’ve used them.

Overall, Nerdy Post is at the top of my list when suggesting possible subscription boxes for the nerdy people in your life.  August’s theme is ‘Back to Hogwarts’ and I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.  While it’s too late to subscribe for August, September’s theme is Pixar and subscriptions are open until August 31st.  You can also check out the Nerdy Post Store for full and partial previous boxes as well as their one time bookmark box which is currently available for pre-order. (You can bet your ass I have already pre-ordered that one.)

Have you received a Nerdy Post box in the past or do you have this subscription box on your wishlist?  What’s your favorite subscription box at the moment?

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