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For the longest time, I was on the hunt for the perfect Harry Potter subscription box.  It’s my favorite fandom and I feel like I can never own enough Harry Potter merchandise.  When I discovered the World of Wizardry subscription box from Geek Gear, I was a little nervous.  I checked out some reviews and unboxing photos and decided to give it a chance.  I’ve been getting it for over 6 months now and I have yet to be disappointed by a box.

The company: Geek Gear

About:  Geek Gear is a UK based company that offers many subscription boxes.  They have the traditional Geek Gear box, the World of Wizardry box, the World of Wizardry Wearable box, and they have just introduced Geek Gear and World of Wizardry Geek Gear Pinz subscription boxes.  Each World of Wizardry box includes one t-shirt and 4-5 other items.  Each month is obviously Harry Potter themed.

Complete box contents:

Included in the July box was:

  • Newt Scamander t-shirt
  • Harry and Hedwig exclusive enamel pin
  • House colors bow
  • replica Snape wand
  • Chamber of Secrets medallion
  • Harry Potter replica glasses
  • Niffler print

The t-shirt and print have always been one of my favorite things about the World of Wizardry box.  I find that the Harry Potter t-shirts sold in stores are so generic.  Geek Gear includes an exclusive design each month which can’t be found anywhere else.  The t-shirts are also super soft which is one of the best things about them.  The prints are also typically exclusive to Geek Gear.  Some months you will get multiple prints but each month at least one is included.  The Niffler artwork this month is so unique and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in a frame.

This is the second month they have included an exclusive enamel pin and it’s so perfect.  I haven’t taken it out of the box yet (it looks so good in there!) so I can’t speak to the quality but the design is adorable.  Harry looks a little orange in the photos I took but he’s not that orange in real life.

The medallion, glasses, and wand are all exact replicas from the movies.  The medallion comes in a plastic display case (which is why there is such a glare in the photos).  It’s also extremely heavy.  The glasses are surprisingly sturdy.  I was expecting cheap plastic glasses but these are actually metal. As for the wand, it’s my favorite item.  I’ve gotten 3 wands from Geek Gear and each one is perfect.  This one has all the details of Snape’s wand and it’s extremely sturdy.  You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this wand and one purchased from Universal Studios.  I know because I have Harry’s wand from Universal and you can’t tell the difference between it and the one I got from Geek Gear.

Last but not least, the house colors bow.  Each month they include something specific to whatever house you chose when you subscribed.  This time just happened to be a little bow.  I’m not sure that I’ll ever actually wear it but it’s cute and good quality.

Overall, the World of Wizardry box from Geek Gear is at the top of my recommendation list for Harry Potter fans.  They’ve already shipped out boxes for August but subscriptions are still open for September’s box.  You can also check out the shop to purchase items from past boxes.

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