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Have you been looking for a place to advertise your book, product, service, or website to the young adult book community? Look no further.  Katie’s Book Blog offers a multitude of advertising options to fit your needs!

Banner Advertisements

Already have an ad put together and just need somewhere to showcase it?  How about either of my sidebars?  There are four locations (two in each sidebar) where you can purchase an ad space for your book, website, or product.  Each location varies in ad size, length, and price.  Just click the ‘Buy A Blogad’ link in the location of your choice to see the details.  All ads must be approved by me before they will show up but if they fit my market, I will approve them within a days time.

Twitter Advertisements

Katie’s Book Blog has a steadily growing group of followers on Twitter and advertisement tweets are offered through Blogads.  If you would like your product, book, service, or website featured on my Twitter, you can purchase a tweet here.  All stats are shown through that link and once again, all tweets must be approved before posting.

Affiliate Links

Would you like your store to be associated with my blog?  Want my purchase links to lead to your site?  Katie’s Book Blog is not currently affiliated with any store or site.  If you think your store would be the perfect fit, contact me through email.

Sponsored Reviews

Book reviews have always been and will always be free on Katie’s Book Blog.  However, if you have a product or service that would appeal to my readers and would like me to review it on the blog, there are opportunities for this.  Once again, if this appeals to you and you would like more information, contact me through email.

Sponsored Posts

I don’t have time to review every product or book that I receive.  There are other options for your product, service, or site to be featured on Katie’s Book Blog.  Sponsored posts for products, sites, or services that fit my audience are offered.  All companies and products must be approved by me before being posted.  For more information, contact me through email.


Endorsements from Katie’s Book Blog are going to be a bit harder to get.  I have been and will always be honest about anything that is reviewed here.  For endorsements, that means that I will have thoroughly research your site, product, or service before any kind of positive endorsement is posted on the blog and I of course have the right to decide not to endorse anything I don’t agree with.  However, you may always approach me about anything you would like an endorsement for and I will decide from there whether or not it will be the right fit for my audience.  For more information, contact me through email.

Instagram Posts

Instagram is becoming a very popular form of media and Katie’s Book Blog has an ever growing following on Instagram.  If that is the audience that you would like to reach, you may certainly email me and I will consider which offers fit best for my Instagram audience.


Any time Katie’s Book Blog receives a product for free and/or is compensated for any type of advertisement, it will be disclosed at the beginning of the post.  I reserve the right to turn down any sponsorship, advertisement, or endorsement opportunity that I do not agree with or I feel does not fit my audience.  I promise that I will not change the content or my feelings of a product in exchange for compensation and I will not seek out endorsements or sponsorship opportunities.

Any and all sponsored posts or endorsements will automatically be tweeted as well as shared on Facebook when they are posted on the blog.

Contact Information:

Email: katieb206 at gmail dot com

Instagram: katiesbookblog

Twitter: @katiesbookblog

Facebook: Katie’s Book Blog

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