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The Assassin Game by Kirsty McKay | Review

The Assassin Game by Kirsty Mc..

Posted August 19, 2016 by Kaitlynn in review / 9 Comments

With a title like this one, I had some pretty high hopes.  The Assassin Game is my first time reading a book by Kirsty McKay and while it wasn’t all I had hoped for, it was enough to get me to check out some of her other books. Pros: Mystery: There were times when I totally […]

The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak | Review

The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak..

Posted July 28, 2015 by Kaitlynn in review / 0 Comments

I have a weakness for books involving romance between celebrities and normal people. The Heartbreakers features that and while it was a fun aspect, it just wasn’t enough to make me love the book as a whole. The Heartbreakers hooked me from the start and kept me entertained to the very end. I read the […]

Racing Savannah (Hundred Oaks #4) by Miranda Kenneally | Review

Racing Savannah (Hundred Oaks ..

Posted April 11, 2014 by Kaitlynn in review / 4 Comments

Pure perfection!  If I had to review Racing Savannah in only two words, those would be them.  Miranda Kenneally has done it again (and I’m sure you’re not surprised by that.) Readers will immediately be drawn in to Savannah and Jack’s world; the world of servants, jockeys, horse racing, and lots of money.  It’s a […]

Things I Can’t Forget (Hundred Oaks #3) by Miranda Kenneally | Review

Things I Can’t Forget (H..

Posted April 5, 2013 by Kaitlynn in review / 11 Comments

Things I Can’t Forget is probably my favorite of Miranda Kenneally’s books. It’s fun and cute just like the rest but it’s also such a powerful story. I was seriously impressed and I’m even more excited for her next book now. Where do I even begin? I loved everything about this book! At first I […]

Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally | Review

Stealing Parker by Miranda Ken..

Posted October 10, 2012 by Kaitlynn in review / 9 Comments

Miranda Kenneally is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary authors; right up there with Jennifer Echols, Sarah Dessen, and Sarah Ockler. I had very high hopes for Stealing Parker and I am so happy to say that I was not at all disappointed. Parker is a lot like Jordan in some ways. She’s feisty, […]

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally | Review

Catching Jordan by Miranda Ken..

Posted August 16, 2012 by Kaitlynn in review / 11 Comments

Catching Jordan is the perfect romantic comedy.  Anytime you are in the mood for a fun YA read I highly recommend this one.  Miranda Kenneally’s debut novel makes me long for a plate full of nachos and some cute boys playing football! Jordan is a pretty fierce girl.  She’s captain of the football team (as […]