Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey

Book:  Jekel Loves Hyde
Author:  Beth Fantaskey
Published:  May 3, 2010 from Harcourt Children’s Books
My edition/number of pages: ARC/288

Age group:  Young adult
Source: Publisher
Series?: No.

Jill Jekel has always obeyed her parents’ rules – especially the one about never opening the mysterious, old box in her father’s office. But when her dad is murdered, and her college savings disappear, she’s tempted to peek inside, as the contents might be key to a lucrative chemistry scholarship.

To better her odds, Jill enlists the help of gorgeous, brooding Tristen Hyde, who has his own dark secrets locked away. As the team of Jekel and Hyde, they recreate experiments based on the classic novel, hoping not only to win a prize, but to save Tristen’s sanity. Maybe his life. But Jill’s accidental taste of a formula unleashes her darkest nature and compels her to risk everything – even Tristen’s love – just for the thrill of being… bad.

Beth Fantaskey has done it again.  Her first book, Jessica’s Guide To Dating On The Dark Side, was on my list of favorites for 2009 and Jekel Loves Hyde might have earned a place on the 2010 list.  They are nothing alike but they are both brilliant books.

Jill Jekel is a good girl.  She knows it and so does everyone around her.  Tristen Hyde is not a good guy but her is drawn to Jill.  When they team up for a science project they start to become friends, maybe even something more.  But Tristen is hiding something, something bad.  Will Jill be able to get past his dark secrets or will they tear them apart?

Jill was only okay for me.  She was actually kind of weak and I really did not like that about her.  She was always listening to Tristen and being ordered around.  It took most of the book for her to grow stronger and actually stand up for herself.  I began to like her more after that.  Tristen was a very hot character.  He was bad but it wasn’t his fault.  He wanted to be good and he was willing to do anything for Jill.  I loved that about him!

The plot was great.  There was never a dull moment with this book.  There was a lot going on but it never felt like too much.  And there were some super steamy scenes in this book.  Oh boy!  Jill and Tristen were great and I could see the chemistry between them and the romance helped speed up the plot even more.

Overall, Jekel Loves Hyde is a must read.  I honestly cannot praise Beth Fantaskey enough.  She is a spectacular writer and I can’t wait to see what she has for readers next.

First line:  I buried my father the day after my seventeenth birthday.

Writing:  5

Characters:  4

Plot:  4

Ending:  5

Originality:  5

Overall:  23=A-

Cover:  5=A++

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  1. Katelyn

    Great review Katie, I read this one not too long ago and really became a huge fan, she’s a great writer and I can’t wait until her next release!

  2. Bere

    Fantastic review, Katie! I’m adding this one to my list right now. Sounds like a great book. I haven’t read anything from Beth Fantaskey. I need to read Jessica’s Guide To Dating On The Dark Side! Thanks Katie =)

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