Product Review: Prescription Glasses from Firmoo!

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As you guys know, this is a book blog and I don’t normally review anything other than books but when Firmoo approached me about reviewing a pair of glasses, I jumped at the chance!

About Firmoo:

“Firmoo is the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store. Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way is the ultimate goal of Firmoo, so it has always committed itself to providing customers with high-quality and fashionable eyewear at the most affordable prices. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses in a frugal way and to be the ultimate fashion events guide. Since the establishment of our company, we have served over 300,000+ customers and now we also have 470,000+ fans on facebook. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices, 85%~90% lower than that in the brick-and-mortar optical stores. Moreover, all our glasses are free for first-time customers.”

I’ve had to wear glasses for distance for the past few years and while I don’t really enjoy wearing them, I am much more comfortable in them when they are cute. This new pair I received from Firmoo definitely fits that requirement.  This is the pair that I got!

The pair of glasses I chose are black large framed glasses.  They are very different from any pair of glasses I have owned in the past and I was nervous about getting them without trying them on.  Since they are such large frames, I was worried they would look a little grannyish (totally a word!)  Luckily customers can submit pictures and based on the pictures of others, I figured this pair would look good with my face shape and they did.  They are very stylish and I’ve gotten so many compliments.  They’re also just really fun.  
Another worry of mine was how well they would fit.  My previous pair of glasses was always slipping down my nose and they really annoyed me. I didn’t have that problem with my first pair of glasses from Firmoo so I wasn’t too worried about it this time and I was right.  I don’t have that problem with this pair and they aren’t loose at all.  If they ever do get loose though they came with a tightening kit (that’s perfect for any glasses, not just the pair you buy.)
My one complaint is that the frames are a little flimsy.  I have to be sure to store them in the case when I’m not wearing them so they don’t get squished in my bag.  That is a minor complaint though seeing as they came with a sturdy case for when I have to throw them in a bag.  
Overall, these glasses are even better than the first pair I received from Firmoo.  If you are looking to switch up your style I highly suggest buying from Firmoo.  With their prices, you can really afford to buy a pair of glasses for every day of the week.  =)
Check out Firmoo’s great selection of glasses and don’t forget that you can get your first pair for free!
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3 responses to “Product Review: Prescription Glasses from Firmoo!

  1. Christina Kit.

    I’ve never dared wear bigger glasses because of the reason you mentioned (and yes it is a word!! 😉 but they look awesome!

    Must try them!

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